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Endosite | Brief Description:

Endosite is a web companion of an high-throughput RNA intererence (RNAi) study to charecterize core and peripheral molecular players underlying endocytosis. The database can be used to access the experimental data, cellular phenotypes and annoation of 7, 216 genes screened in the study.


Details about the experimental and statistical methodologies are discussed in the following manuscripts:

  • Cellular heterogeneity reveals a hierarchy of molecular players underlying parallel endocytic pathways. (Manuscript submitted)

Database Contents:
Endosite Database contents are divided in to the following major categories:
Endosite : Database Statistics:
Endosite : Database Statistics (February 2013) Total number of genes in Endosite : 7216

  • Kalia, M., Kumari, S., Chadda, R., Hill, M.M., Parton, R.G., and Mayor, S. (2006). Arf6-independent GPI-anchored protein-enriched early endosomal compartments fuse with sorting endosomes via a Rab5/phosphatidylinositol-3'-kinase-dependent machinery. Mol Biol Cell 17, 3689-3704.
  • Mayor, S., and Pagano, R.E. (2007). Pathways of clathrin-independent endocytosis. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 8, 603-612.
  • Kumari, S., and Mayor, S. (2008). ARF1 is directly involved in dynamin-independent endocytosis. Nat Cell Biol 10, 30-41.
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Endosite Team :
Prof. Satyajit Mayor (Contact : mayor@ancbs.res.in)
Prof. R. Sowdhamini (Contact : mini@ncbs.res.in)