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Gene Page - CG Number : CG10882
Gene Summary - CG10882:

CG10882: The gene ghost is referred to in FlyBase by the symbol Dmel\gho (CG10882, FBgn0262126). It is a protein_coding_gene from Drosophila melanogaster. Based on sequence similarity, it is predicted to have molecular function: serine-type endopeptidase activity. There is experimental evidence for 16 unique biological process terms, many of which group under: biological regulation; cellular component organization or biogenesis; cellular process; localization; open tracheal system development; regulation of developmental process; regulation of anatomical structure size; organelle organization; cellular component organization; system development. 14 alleles are reported. The phenotypes of these alleles are annotated with 14 unique terms, many of which group under: organ system; multicellular structure; acellular anatomical structure; portion of tissue; tracheal system; embryonic/larval integumentary system; cell junction; dorsal trunk primordium; adherens junction; organ system subdivision; cephalopharyngeal skeleton; apical junction complex; proteinaceous extracellular matrix. It has 3 annotated transcripts and 3 annotated polypeptides. Protein features are: Gelsolin domain; Sec23/Sec24 beta-sandwich; Sec23/Sec24, helical domain; Sec23/Sec24, trunk domain; Zinc finger, Sec23/Sec24-type. Gene sequence location is 2L:2231106..2236844.

Gene summary for CG10882 is obtained from FlyBase (FB2013_01, released January 23rd, 2013)
Experimental Summary - CG10882:CG10882 is perturbed in following parameters in primary screen: NuCirc NuSize
CG10882 is not tested in classification assay.
Cellular phenotyping(Images): Click here to access phenotyping images of gene CG10882.
Cell Count:
CG10882Primary screen37610011158
R1: Replicate No. 1; R2: Replicate No.2; R3: Replicate No. 3
Primary screen data - CG10882:
SN: Slide Number; RN: Replicate Number; WN: Well Number
Experimental Data (Classification Assay):CG10882 is not tested in classification assay
Integrated Annotations for CG10882 :Gene Ontology Annoations: Biological Process
Gene Ontology Annoations: Cellular Component
Gene Ontology Annoations: Molecular Function
Other annotations
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